Melrose Driving School - Driver's Training

Standard Rate/Hour

1 Hour $80

1 1/2 Hour $100

2 Hours $125.00

Packages: 2 hours per lesson

6 Hours $360.00 - Pay Online $340

10 Hours $575.00 - Pay Online $550

Drive Test

$120.00 - Hollywood DMV Drive Test
Includes 1/2 hour of practice; Pick-up and Drop-off NOT included, only valid for Hollywood DMV.

$160.00 DMV Drive Test
Includes 1 hour practice w/ Pick-up and Drop-off INCLUDED. Valid only at the following DMV’s: Hollywood, Los Angeles, *Culver City, *Santa Monica, and Inglewood.

$185.00 DMV Drive Test*
Includes 1 and 15 min hours of practice before drive test w/ Pick-up and Drop-off INCLUDED. Valid only at the following DMV’s: Winnetka, Arleta, Glendale, Lincoln Park, and Van Nuys.

* May be charged extra if DMV Drive Test exceeds 2 1/2 hours.


Driving School Policies

All new model cars. All cars have A/C, driving school signs, and are cleaned every day. Instructors are well-mannered and uniformed. All students will be given an evaluation form at the end of their class, stating the date and time the lesson was given and what exactly they went over during the lesson. The student should keep this form in case the student is given to another instructor.

-Good service is GUARANTEED.

-If there is an inconvenience, you can call us and explain and we will give you a free 1 hour lesson.


-If a student acts up on purpose, the class will stop and the time remaining in the class will not be made up and parents will be informed. If during a lesson a student commits a moving violation and is stopped by the police, the ticket goes to the driver.

-If we are at fault in an accident, our liability insurance company will pay for the damages, but one point will be put on the driver's record.

-A student may use his own car for a lesson depending on the judgment of the instructor.

- If a student would like to bring another passenger during the lesson, it is at the discrepancy of the instructor to be permitted.

-Cancellations or schedule changes must be made at least one day prior to your lesson during business hours (M-F:7:30am-6pm,Sat.&Sun: 7:30am-3pm). Any changes or cancellations made after hours or on the day of your appointment will result in a loss of the scheduled lesson.

-All packages must be completed within 18 months of purchase.