Driver’s Education

Driver’s Education is the first step to obtaining a permit for a minor between the ages of 15 1/2 -17 ½. In order to become eligible to take the permit test, the student must complete a Driver’s Education course either online or in-class and receive a Driver’s Education Completion Certificate.

The Driver’s Education course teaches the student the most common causes of accidents, U-Turns, how to handle vehicle failures, defensive driving, accidents & prevention, emergencies, car insurance, road markings, seat belts, moving violations, distractions, hydroplaning, alcohol & drugs and physiology as it pertains to driving, and many other important skills to pass the permit test. The students are also shown videos that correlate with the subject matter and tested in each of the subject areas. We offer a relaxed learning environment and encourage student participation.

Once the student completes the Driver’s Education course, takes their permit test and passes, the student must complete a minimum requirement of 6 hours of behind-the-training with a driving school and 50 hours of behind-the wheel training with a parent or guardian to receive their Driver’s License.

Below are our prices that include both courses to fulfill the minimum requirement. We also offer larger Driver’s Training packages if the student needs additional training. All Driver’s Training packages include pick up and drop off at home or school within our service area. All packages are valid for 18 months from the date of purchase. No refunds.

In-Class Driver’s Education Packages:

In-Class Driver’s Education and 6 Hours Driver’s Training: $510

(3 Driving lessons, 2hrs each)

In-Class Driver’s Education and 10 Hours Driver’s Training: $675

(5 Driving lessons, 2hrs each)

Classes are held Sat-Sun from 9:00am-3:00pm. During school breaks (Spring, Summer, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) classes are held every day. Call us at (323) 467-8800 to reserve your child’s space. Space is limited.

Online Driver’s Education:

Online Driver’s Education Only: $70

Free Online Driver’s Education with the purchase of 6 Hours Driver’s Training: $400

(3 Driving lessons, 2hrs each)

Free Online Driver’s Education with the purchase of 10 Hours Driver’s Training: $600

(5 Driving lessons, 2hrs each)

Too Afraid To Drive With Your Child?! Let Us Do It!

50 Hours of Driver’s Training: $2,600

(25 Driving Lessons, 2hrs each)

That’s $104/lesson! Within this package students cover all of what Los Angeles driving has to offer. Parallel parking, freeways, canyon, home to school routes, one-way streets, and more! We encourage you to schedule driving lessons for situations that you may be too nervous to do in your own car. Such as: during rush hour traffic, at night, when it’s raining, etc. Our driving lessons are held rain or shine!

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